Coronavirus Action Plan

Beating the Virus


The more information you have the more effective you can be at fighting the virus, especially when at least 50% of those infected don't show symptoms. Mass testing is important and supply must be expanded so more than just the severely ill can be tested.


Contract tracing is the process of tracing back the movements of every positive case. You can then notify and test those that came into contact with this person. By doing this you can drastically limit the spread caused by those who are not yet aware they have the virus.

Address 2 Biggest Problems

(1) Elderly and immunocompromised are particularly vulnerable. We must work with community partners to establish supply delivery programs for the most vulnerable. (2) Risk that a surge in medical needs could overwhelm our medical system. Place the overflow site on standby so that it can be quickly converted if needed. The planned pace of over 2 months to prepare it if needed is unacceptable.

Help For Individuals

Housing Payment Assistance Program

$500 one-time payment to help newly unemployed pay rent or mortgage.

Lower Property Tax Rates

Real estate assessments have been booming the last few years causing taxes to go up on Richmonders. Lowering rates will better reflect the new economic reality and put money back in the pockets of residents.

Do Not Raise Water Rates

Our water rates are some of the highest in the country and the current proposed budget would raise the rates again. The high rates harm the same people who are harmed the most by this pandemic.

Help For Small Business

Small Business Relief Fund

The current program is not good enough. The money should be grants not loans and it should be more than a $1 million. If we could find $1 million to pay advisors to review the arena proposal, we can do better for our small business owners.

Restaurant Relaunch Program

Our amazing restaurant industry has been devastated. Restaurants will face an uphill battle to reopen. An additional fund, on top of the Small Business Relief Fund, should be established to further help restaurants.

Make Our Business License Tax Competitive

Starting a business is exponentially more difficult and more expensive in the city. I know personally how hard the city makes it. We need to simplify the process and lower the business license rates to be equal to Henrico and Chesterfield. This is just one way we can make it easier for small business to survive and then thrive when this is over.

Allowing For More Outside Seating

During Phase 1 in Virginia's reopening plan restaurants are only allowed outside seating. Many restaurants don't have that and those that do are limited. We should be allowing them to move tables into parking lots, on sidewalks, and in certain locations into the streets. This allows them to increase capacity while keeping social distance guidelines.
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What We Should Be Doing to Deal with the Coronavirus Crisis

What you see above are just some highlights. As you may have seen on my work with NoColiseum.com, I am a thorough person. I study an issue and then take action. The button below will take you to my full Coronavirus Action Plan.
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Sample Delivery Program

One of the biggest needs is to help the most vulnerable shelter in place. Without delivery programs they must go to the crowded stores. If you have volunteers, you can use the guide below to help start your own delivery program.

Set Up A Volunteer Delivery Program

Paid for by Justin Griffin For Mayor

Authorized by Justin Griffin, candidate for Mayor of Richmond

Paid for by Justin Griffin For Mayor

Authorized by Justin Griffin, candidate for Mayor of Richmond