Justin Griffin for Mayor of Richmond

We Deserve Better From Our City Government

Do you feel ignored by our city government?

Are you tired of paying more than the surrounding counties to get less in return?

Do you think the current state of our schools is a crisis that cannot wait 4 more years to be addressed?

Richmond is an amazing city full of amazing people, but for so long now we have suffered through elected officials with misplaced priorities. We keep electing different politicians, but we are always left disappointed.

So do we choose more of the same, or do we elect someone different?

Watch below to hear more.

Better Schools

The Richmond Public Schools graduation rate has dropped from 80.4% in 2016 to 70.5% in 2019. Our kids deserve better.

Better Roads

The roads of Richmond are terrible. It is time we pave them all. We deserve roads that reflect how great our city and people are.

Better City Services

In Richmond it takes 6 months to get a replacement trashcan. It is time we get the level of service to match the higher taxes we pay.
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A Vision for a

Better Richmond Government

Better Schools

Kids Must Be First
Improving Richmond Public Schools is key to fixing many systemic problems in our city. A first rate education for our children must be the top priority.

Better Roads

Pave Our Neighborhoods
We must pave all our streets, yes even the ones in neighborhoods. It is a no-brainer to invest in our transportation infrastructure. Why haven't we done it?

Better City Services

We Pay More to Get Less
Taxes and water bills keep going up but things only get worse. I will put systems in place and set a new standard to make sure we get quality, timely services from the city.
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Richmond is at a crossroads. We can either move forward towards a better Richmond or lose all the progress we have made. Help move the campaign forward by making a monetary contribution so we can have the better Richmond we deserve.
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