Doing it the right way: Proper repair, paving, maintenance of our roads

In Richmond even when our government does something it often fails to do things the right way.

You can see it when you drive around Richmond.

While Mayor Stoney brags about filling tens of thousands of potholes, the truth is that he has created tens of thousands of speedbumps. Every day on my drive to work I dodge a giant one the city created.

The mayor’s job is to set a standard for city services and then oversee the operations to hold everyone accountable.

If I am elected, a new standard will be set where we actually follow best practices in the City of Richmond.

Let me give you some road specific examples.

1. I am no asphalt expert but I know that you cannot do paving in bad or cold weather. This lack of adherence to even basic industry knowledge has cost Richmond millions. A 2018 audit revealed that repairs were being done incorrectly and in bad/cold weather so they were having to be done again.

“We are paying multiple times for the same thing,” says Richmond Auditor Lily Hernandez.

Read more here: https://www.wric.com/news/taking-action/shoddy-road-repairs-in-richmond-costing-taxpayers-double/

2. Compare these two recent paving jobs.

The first picture is from a recent paving job in Chesterfield County. You can see how the pavers came through and did a gradual connection onto the older pavement of the side street.

The second picture is the recently paved portion of Brook Rd. in Richmond. You can see how it is just cut with a straight line right next to a severely damaged piece of side street. When it rains it fills with water. In the winter this water will freeze causing damage to the brand new paved street. This will cause it to deteriorate faster and lead to Richmond having to repave it sooner.

3. Another example of bad maintenance is if you look at this picture you will see a road full of cracks.

Next time you are driving in the counties or see an asphalt parking lot, pay attention to the cracks. Proper maintenance is to come and fill in the cracks. It is obvious when it is done because you see what seem like crazy random lines of dark black that have covered cracks in the asphalt. This is done because cracks are the enemy to the long-term life of asphalt. Well really it is water and moisture that are the enemy of asphalt, it is just worse once they get into the cracks. Just like we discussed in the bad paving work above, water that gets into cracks freezes. When the water freezes, it expands and damages the road.

If you routinely maintain the road, you will fill in the cracks to help prevent this. Routine maintenance causes the road to last longer, which saves the city money in the long run.

In Richmond, the mayors have never paid attention to the details of things like this and we have paid for it. I will pay attention and set a new standard that accepts only the best for our people.

Paid for by Justin Griffin For Mayor

Authorized by Justin Griffin, candidate for Mayor of Richmond

Paid for by Justin Griffin For Mayor

Authorized by Justin Griffin, candidate for Mayor of Richmond